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Rbox - Resistor decade

BH201A named "Rbox" is a resistor decade with 4-wire shielded connection that provides precise resistance settings from 0 Ω to 100 MΩ with resolution of 0.1 Ω. Rbox can simulate three various RTD (PT100 / PT500 / PT1000) from -200°C to 850°C. The temperature can be entered either in °C or in Fahrenheit. The Rbox has 4½" touch scren color display that can easily input the desired resistance or temperature. The Rbox can be remotely controlled via RS232C serial line or USB 2.0 or Ethernet or GPIB interface from a PC with LabView for MS Windows 7.

The Rbox is 185 x 155 x 250 mm and powered from AC line 100 - 240V.

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