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This laboratory is a part of Bohemia House UK Ltd., and is focused on customized development, manufacturing of prototypes, testing and diagnostic of custom made electronic systems.


  • analog and digital test instrument designs
  • rf and microwave circuit design and testing
  • processes simulation and diagnostics
  • electronic components testing
  • electrical properties of materials testing
  • customized software development for Microchip's microcontrollers
  • FPGA and CPLD development (Xilinx & Altera)
  • PCB design and population (SMD, THT)
  • renovation and repair of vintage electronics (test instruments and vintage computers)
  • Laboratory equipment:

    PCB population:

  • ESD safe workplace equipped with soldering irons and/ hot air soldering station
  • SMT infrared ic heater T962A
  • Trinocular stereo microscope XTZ-745
  • Ultrasonic cleaner
  • Design and diagnostics:

  • LV power supplies (HP6632B, HP6267B, HP6038A, Elektro-Automatik GmbH EA-PS 9080-100, Keithley sourcemeter 2400)
  • HV power supplies (Perkin Elmer 4kV, Consort E752)
  • Electronic loads (HP6051A, EL100)
  • Waveform generators (Yokogawa FG320, TTi TGA1244)
  • Signal generators (Rohde & Schwarz APN62, Polarad SPNL)
  • Pulse generators (Berkeley Nucleonics 6040)
  • RF generators (Marconi 2024 & 2042)
  • LCR meters (Agilent 4262A, Wayne Kerr 6425)
  • Oscilloscopes (Tek2465A, Tek 2236, GW Instek GDS-1152A)
  • Probes (differencial probe up to 1500V, demodulation probe, rf probe HP10430, P6139A, hv probes )
  • Logic Analyzer (HP1663E)
  • RF Power Meter (Marconi 6960B, sensors 6932, 6910)
  • Calibrators (Fluke 725EX, Burster Praezisionsmesstechnik Digistant 4422)
  • Counters (Racal Dana 1998, Racal Dana 2101, HP5342A)
  • Multimeters (Keithley 2000 & Scan-2001, HP3456A, rf & hv probes)
  • Spectrum Analyzers (Marconi 2392A)
  • Picoammeter (Keithley 487)
  • Electrometer (Keithley 610C)
  • Diagnostic and monitoring system based PXI-1042 (National Instruments)
  •   + standard lab tools

    FPGA design:

  • toolkits Xilinx Virtex5 and Altera DE2-70
  • Printed Circuits Board design:

  • CAE system EdwinXP (Visionics)